Bitumen Pump

Bitumen Pump Manufacturer in India

A special kind of positive displacement pump called a bitumen pump is made for handling thick liquids like bitumen or asphalt. It is crucial to utilise a specialist pump that can efficiently move the material without clogging the pipes or harming the machinery since bitumen is a thick, sticky substance that can be challenging to manage.

Pumps for jacketed bitumen are frequently rotary pumps, meaning they circulate fluid through a spinning mechanism. The most typical kind of bitumen pump is an internal gear pump, which generates suction and discharge using two pairs of intermeshing gears. A broad variety of temperatures and viscosities may be handled by these bitumen pumps, which are made to run at a relatively modest pace in India.

The capacity of bitumen pumps to work with extremely viscous fluids is one of its main advantages. They are perfect for use in bitumen and asphalt applications since they are made to handle fluids with high viscosities. Additionally, bitumen pumps are made to offer a high degree of precision and consistency, ensuring that the material is supplied on schedule with accuracy and efficiency.

Bitumen pumps are frequently used in a wide variety of fields, such as road building, roofing, and industrial applications. To fulfil the unique requirements of each application, they come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Bitumen Pump

Bitumen Pump Manufacturer

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